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Tibetan: Bon Kyong Sungma (bon skyongs srung ma).

Among the group of Bon protectors (sungma) only Sipai Gyalmo (Queen of the World) is regarded as an enlightened deity. As the wrathful form of Sherab Chamma (Satrig Ersang) she is both a meditational deity and functions separately as a protector. As a protector she has six principal manifestations (white, yellow, red, black, blue and dark brown) and twenty-eight retinue attendant figures. (See Sipai Gyalmo Outline Page).

Most of the other Bon protectors can be divided into various divisions and classes such as mountain gods, tsen spirits, subjugated spirits, Buddhist adaptations (Bon Sarma).

General Divisions & Classes:
- Enlightened protectors,
- Mountain gods,
- Tsen spirits,
- Subjugated spirits,
- Miscellaneous Worldly Spirits (see a list)
- Buddhist adaptations (Bon Sarma)

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