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Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Hayagriva Iconography
- Hayagriva Outline Page
- Hayagriva (Rinjung Lhantab)
- Simple Form (red or black, one face, two arms)
- Chintamani: one face, two arms, with consort
- Three faces, four arms
- Three Faces, six arms (Secret Accomplishment)
- Three Faces, eight arms
- Heruka: three faces, six arms, with consort (Very Secret)
- Heruka: three faces, six arms with consort (Eight Heruka)
- Black Hayagriva - All
- Black: one face, two hands (Guru Chowang)
- Black: one face, two hands (Nyangral)
- Black: one face, two hands (Dagyal)
- Black, Riding a Tiger
- Black, three faces, six arms
- Yantra
- Hayagriva Early Works
- Confusions: Mahakala Riding a Tiger, Rakta Yamari, Mahabala
- Others...

Attributes & Characteristics:
1. Red or black in colour
2. Wrathful in appearance
3. One or three green horse heads on top of the central head

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