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The Khyenri painting tradition & style (中文) is a central Tibetan artistic movement originating with the painter Khyentse Chenmo of Gongkar Chode Monastery (15th century). The Khyenri painting tradition is most closely associated with and influenced by the murals of Gyantse Kumbum and Monastery. There are two distinct subjects of Khyenri painting, (1) peaceful deities and teachers and (2) wrathful deities. Khyenri paintings are known for a bright palette, attention to small detail, portrait like faces and almost perfect circles of light or flame surrounding the deities. Transparent halos are often found with the various Khyenri mahasiddha and arhat paintings sets.

Jeff Watt 5-2000 [updated 1-2016, 5-2017, 4-2020]

Essay: REEXAMINING KHYENTSE CHENMO AND HIS PAINTING TRADITION by Tsechang Penba Wangdu, translated by Tenzin Gelek.

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