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Subject: Abhayadatta Shri Mahasiddha System

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The Eighty-four Mahasiddha of Abhayadatta Shri is a system of enumerating and describing the eighty-four siddha based on the text called The History of the Eighty-four Mahasiddha (Tibetan: grub thob brgyad bcu tsa bzhi'i lo rgyus) by the Indian scholar Abhayadatta Shri (12th century).

Tibetan text in PDF format: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
Color images from the Apo Manuscript.

List of Names: Tibetan and English names from Masters of Mahamudra (Pdf list).

Painting and Mural Sets
Apo Manuscript images
Hemis Monastery Murals, Ladakh, India
Jonang Tradition set
Mongolian Blockprint set
Mongolian Painting set
Situ Panchen Composition
Tibet House, New Delhi, India
Zanabazar Museum, Mongolia

The images below portray various central figures surrounded by the Eighty-four Great Adepts (mahasiddha) of India according to the textual system of Abhayadatta Shri.