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Painting sets account for at least half or more of all Himalayan and Tibetan painted compositions making sets a unique feature of Himalayan Art. There are five major types of painting sets.

Five Types of Painting Sets:
1. Life Story (Narrative)
2. Lineage
3. Tantric Cycle
4. Compendium
5. Number Sets

Painting Sets Subjects & Topics:
- Painting Sets Outline Page
- Painting Sets: Life Story Outline
- Painting Sets: Index/Glossary
- Painting Sets Resource Page
- Others...

[1] The most famous sets of paintings are Shakyamuni Buddhas & the Sixteen Great Arhats, followed by the Life-story, Previous Life-stories (jataka) and Teaching Stories (avadana) of the Buddha. The life-story of Padmasambhava condensed into the Eight Forms, along with the Milarepa and Tsongkapa life stories are also quite common.

[2] The Teaching Lineage painting sets of the Sakya Lamdre (Margapala) and the Karma Kagyu Mahamudra Lineages (sertreng) are the most common.

[3] For the Incarnation Lineage painting sets the Dalai Lama, Panchen Lama and Jonang Taranata are the most common.

[4] Miscellaneous Subjects include Shakyamuni Buddha & Sixteen Great Arhats, Six Ornaments & Two Excellent Ones, Eighty-four Mahasiddhas, Twenty-one Taras, Vajravali Deity set, Sarvadurgati Parishodhana, Four Transcendent Lords, Twelve Ritual Deities, etc.

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