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Publication: Kagyu Ngag Dzo (Collection of Kagyu Mantras)

Kagyu Ngag Dzo | Jamgon Kongtrul | Dam Ngag Dzo List Outline | Rinchen Ter Dzo

Jamgon Kongtrul (1813-1899) was a prolific writer as well as a compiler of the works of other scholars including their works into larger compendia of contextualized material. The most famous works are called the Five Treasures:

1. The Treasure of Encyclopedic Knowledge (shes bya kun la khyab pa'i mdzod), a massive text covering all of the common and uncommon subjects of Tibetan Buddhism.
2. The Treasure of Precious Instructions (gdams ngag rin po che'i mdzod), the most important texts of eight of the principal transmission lineages of Tibetan Buddhism known as the Eight Chariots.
3. The Treasure of Kagyu Mantras (bka' brgyud sngags kyi mdzod), a collection of the most important practices of the Kagyu Tradition.
4. The Treasure of Precious Revealed Treasures (rin chen gter mdzod), the largest compiled collection of rare Nyingma Termas (Revealed Treasure teachings).
5. The Treasure of Extensive Teachings (rgya chen bka' mdzod), primarily the writings of Jamgon Kongtrul himself such as the commentaries on the Hevajra Tantra and the Khon Tradition Vajrakila, etc.

Vol. I
1. White Tara, the Wish-Fulfilling Wheel (Drolma Yizhin Khorlo)

2. Amitayus - empowerment of the single deity and single vase, from the tradition of the Queen of Siddhas (Siddharajni)

3. Three Special Deities of Marpa: Ushnishavijaya (Nampar Gyalma)

4. Three Special Deities of Marpa: Green Tara (Drolma Jangku)

5. Three Special Deities of Marpa: Vajrasattva (Dorje Sempa)

6. Vajrapani - Rechungpa Tradition (Chagdor Tumchung)

7. Gurupuja - Drugpa Kagyu Tradition (Lama Chopa)

Vol. II - Thirteen Tantric Cycles of the tradition of Marpa

8. Hevajra (Gyepa Dorje)

9. Nairatmya (Dagmema) fifteen-deity mandala

10. Hevajra (Combined Families) - Vajra Panjara Tantra

11. Chakrasamvara Vajrasattva - Samputa Tantra

12. Vajrayogini (Dorje Naljorma) five-deity mandala

Vol. III - Thirteen Tantric Cycles of the tradition of Marpa (cont'd)

13. Chakrasamvara (Demchog) five-deity mandala

14. Chakrasamvara (Demchog) mandala of six universal monarchs

15. Buddhakapala (Sanggye Topa)

16. Mahamaya (Gyutrul Chenmo)

17. Chaturpita (Danzhi) - masculine aspect

18. Chaturpita (Danzhi) - feminine aspect

Vol. IV - Thirteen Tantric Cycles of the tradition of Marpa (cont'd)

19. Guyhasamaja (Sangwa Dupa) - father tantra

20. Manjushri (Jampal Sangden)

Vol. V - Thirteen Tantric Cycles of the tradition of Marpa (cont'd)

21. Rakta Yamari (Shinje She) - tradition of Virupa

22. Vajrabahairava (Dorje Jigje) nine-deity mandala

Vol. VI - Thirteen Tantric Cycles of the tradition of Marpa (cont'd)

23. Four-Armed Mahakala (Chagzhipa)

24. Mahakala, Ngogton Tradition, Vajra Panjara Tantra (Gurgon)

25. Shri Devi Dhumavati (Dudsolma)

26. Tashi Tseringma