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Curriculum: Himalayan Art Twenty Line Formula

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Himalayan Art Twenty Line Formula

1. Himalayan Art definition, Three Trainings & Three Methodologies.
2. The Seven Reasons for creating art (7x).
3. Two dimensional & three dimensional objects.
4. Sculpture: figurative, ritual, decorative (3x).
5. Sculpture: Materials, methods & techniques (3x).
6. Textiles: three types plus medium & methods (3x).
7. Painting: three subject types, plus size, medium & purpose (3x).
8. Painting: materials, methods & techniques (3x).
9. Painting: four compositional types (4x).
10. Painting: four ground colours (4x).
11. Religious traditions: Buddhist, Bon, Hindu (3x).
12. Sets: painting, sculpture & textile (3x).
13. Eleven figurative forms (11x) & iconometry.
14. Number sets for subjects & traditions.
15. Iconographic Composition: traditional program & individual program (2x).
16. Unique iconography: hats, protectors, symbols & characteristics (4x).
17. Four types of lineage composition (4x).
18. Styles: Painting & Sculpture, artists, regional differences.
19. Inscriptions: front & back.
20. Confusions, Conflicts & Controversies.

Jeff Watt, November 3rd 2015

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