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Subject: Male Imagery Introduction

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General Categories:
- Androgynous Gods, Gender Reversed Deities
- Couples in Art
- Daka & Dakini
- Eleven Figurative Forms
- Ithyphallic Deities
- Male Form versus Female Form (peaceful deities)
- Mountain Gods
- Universal Deities
- Worldly Spirits
- Others...

From the group of Eleven Figurative Forms in Buddhist art the male form is represented in all eleven categories.

Eleven Classes of Figurative Forms in Tibetan Art:
(1) Buddha Appearance
(2) Arhat Appearance
(3) King Appearance
(4) Monastic Appearance
(5) Lay Figure Appearance
(6) Siddha Appearance
(7) Peaceful/Deva/Bodhisattva Appearance
(8) Semi-peaceful/Semi-wrathful Appearance
(9) Wrathful Appearance
(10) Animal Headed Gods & Deities
(11) Warrior (Drala) Appearance

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The images below are selected examples representing each of the main subject categories and artistic mediums that the artworks have been divided into; most are accompanied by a written explanation.