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Iconography: Eleven Types of Deities by Appearance

Eleven Types of Deities | Buddhist Iconography

Eleven Types of Deities By Appearance:
(1) Peaceful Appearance
(2) Semi-peaceful/semi-wrathful Appearance
(3) Wrathful Appearance
(4) Animal Featured Appearance
(5) Warrior Appearance
(6) Universal Appearance
(7) Layered Appearance (Deities & Figures)
(8) Stacked Appearance
(9) Ithyphallic Appearance
(10) Androgynous & Gender Reversed Appearance
(11) Weird Gods & Fantastical Appearance

The first five of the Eleven Types of Deities By Appearance are included in the list of Eleven Figurative Forms of Himalayan Art. Those first five deities are the most important because they are the most general and the most commonly found forms. The additional six types are important only because by knowing them it keeps confusions and incorrect identifications to a minimum.

Jeff Watt 2-2016 [updated 5-2017]