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Deity Related:
- Red Shvanakasya, Dog Faced One (Chakrasamvara)
- Hayagriva with Four Dog Faced Retinue Figures (Atisha)
- Mahakala
--- Raudrantaka Mahakala
--- Dog-Faced Mahakala
--- 'Messenger Figures'
- Chakrasamvara Retinue Figures
- Tsi'u Marpo
- Initiation Cards
- Others...

Teacher Related:
- Asanga (Dog Narrative)
- Kukkuripa
- Charbaripa
- Milarepa Biography (the Hunter and the Dog)
- Drugpa Kunleg
- Others...

Miscellaneous & Decorative:
- Astrology, Year of the Dog
- Svarodaya
- Initiation Cards
- Kangdze Offering Paintings
- Others...

Most forms of the protector deity Mahakala are accompanied by black dogs referred to as 'messengers.' Tsiu Marpo, a Tibetan worldly God, is almost always accompanied by a red dog.
Two mahasiddhas are known for having dogs, Chabaripa and Kukkuripa, the latter known as the 'dog person'.

Dogs are not considered one of the noble animals of India and therefore are not represented on thrones, such as the lion, elephant or horse. They are also not found decorating the torana, throne-back such as geese and mythological animals.

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