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Subject: Protector Deities (Types)

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Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Protector Deities Types
- Protectors That Are Not Wrathful
- Wrathful Deities That Are Not Protectors
- Wisdom Protectors That Can Also Be Ishtadevata
- Worldly Deities Considered By Some To Be Wisdom Deities
- Mountain Gods & Local Deities
- Bibliography: Protector Deities
- Confusions
- Others...

- Protector Deities: Traditions & Schools Outline
- Buddhist Protector Deity Glossary
- Buddhist Wisdom Protectors
- Buddhist Worldly Protectors
- Four Guardian Kings
- Bon Religion Protectors Outline
- Nyingma Protectors Outline
- Sakya Protectors Outline
- Marpa Kagyu Protectors Outline
- Shangpa Kagyu Outline
- Jonang Protectors Outline
- Gelug Protectors Outline
- Others...

Video List: Protector Deity Video List Page

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