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Item: Padmasambhava

པད་མ་འབྱུང་གནས། 莲花生大士
(item no. 81409)
Origin Location Tibet
Date Range 1800 - 1899
Lineages Karma (Kagyu) and Buddhist
Material Ground Mineral Pigment on Cotton
Collection Private
Catalogue # Collection of Samuel Bercholz
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Deity

Interpretation / Description

Padmasambhava (Tibetan: pema jung ne. English: Lotus Born) and the Eight Great Siddhas according to the system of Situ Panchen Chokyi Jungne.

At the top center is the blue Vajradhara Buddha with Tilopa seated on the left and Naropa on the right. On the left side, flying in the air embracing his consort is Ghantapa. Below that, seated on a grassy slope, attired in the robes of the Buddhist Sangha is Nagarjuna. Below that, in a rocky cave is Lawapa seated in a yogic posture.

At the middle right side is Dombi Heruka riding a tiger while embracing his consort. Below that is Padmavajra in a seated posture lifting a skull bowl up to his mouth. At the bottom right is Kukkuripa sitting in a relaxed posture with a black dog at his side.

Below the throne on the left side is King Indrabhuti seated on a raised platform throne and wearing regal clothing and boots. Seated on the right is the archer Saraha holding a long arrow with both hands, seated on a deer skin, accompanied by two female attendant figure.

Numbered List:
1. Vajradhara
2. Tilopa
3. Naropa
4. Padmasambhava
5. Ghantapa
6. Dombi Heruka
7. Padmavajra
8. Kukkuripa
9. Saraha
10. Indrabhuti
11. Lawapa
12. Nagarjuna

Jeff Watt 6-2006

Reverse of Painting
Special Features: (includes "Om Ah Hum" inscription)

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