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The Blue Annals of Go Lotsawa Zonnu Pal (1392-1481) is an eclectic history of Tibetan Buddhism up to the late 15th century. It was translated into English and published by George Roerich in 1949. It has recently been digitized by THDL at the University of Virginia and can be found on the THDL website.

On the Composition and Printings of the Deb gter sngon po by 'Gos lo tsā ba gzhon nu dpal (1392-1481). Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp, Harvard University.

Sections of the Blue Annals are currently being formatted for use on the HAR website with the intention of providing original Tibetan information about historical figures and the numerous traditions of Tantric practice that make up the majority of the subjects represented in the art on the HAR website.

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Part 1: Root [verses] of the Religious History, Royal Lineages, Early Spread of the Teaching [9 chapters]

Part 2: Later Spread of the Teachings [9 ch.]

Part 3: Early Translations of Secret Mantra [6 ch.]

Part 4: Lamdre, Zhama

Part 5: Section on the Sovereign Lord [Atisha] and His Teachings [11 ch.]

Part 6: Translator of Ngok together with other lineages [5 ch.]

Part 7: Tantric Systems

Part 8: The Famous Dagpo Kagyu Transmitted from the great Translator Marpa [24 ch.]

Part 9: Kodragpa, Niguma

Part 10: The Wheel of Time (Kalachakra) [6 ch.]

Part 11: Mahamudra

Part 12: Peace-making Lineages [8 ch.]

Part 13: Female Cutting, Male Cutting and Karakpa [3 ch.]

Part 14: Great Compassion Cycle, Vajravali and others

Part 15: Monastic Systems, Questions and Answers, Printing