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- Meditational Examples
- Retinue Figure Examples
- Field of Accumulation Painting Examples
- Popular Dakini Deities
- Rinjung Lhantab Examples
- Teachers considered Dakinis
- Sacred Places: external geography
- Sacred Places: internal physiognomy
- Confusions: Deities not classified as Dakini, Mother (wisdom) & Father (method) Tantra
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- Dakini: Meaning, Topics & Types
- The Five Dakinis
- Popular Dakinis in Art

Five Dakini of the Buddha Families:
- Buddha Dakini (white, Vairochana)
- Vajra Dakini (blue, Akshobhya)
- Padma Dakini (red, Amitabha)
- Ratna Dakini (yellow, Ratnasambhava)
- Karma Dakini (green, Amoghasiddhi)

The three most common dakini in Tantric Buddhist art are Sarva Buddha Dakini (Vajrayogini), Simhamukha Dakini and Jnana Dakini. The male and female retinue figures of the various Chakrasamvara mandalas are classified and referred to as daka and dakini. Most, if not all, the Wisdom-Mother Tantras also refer to the retinue figures as daka and dakini. Most Method-Father and Non-dual tantras refer to the retinue figures as deva and devi, gods and goddesses.

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