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Subject: Health, Healing & Longevity Page

Deities According to Function (Buddhist)

Subjects, Topics & Types:
[1] Tibetan Medicine
[2] Tantric Medicine (substances)
[3] Tantric Healing (meditation, mantra, visualization)
[4] Yantra Yoga
[5] Rasayana
[5] Long Life Deities
[7] Purification Deities
[8] Cleansing Deities
[9] Healing Deities

Glossary List:
- Illness & Deity Glossary
- Health, Healing & Longevity Deities
- Tibetan Medicine Glossary

There are deities and categories of deities for confession, purification, cleansing, healing in general, healing specific illnesses, naga illness, astrological illness, contagion, long-life, and immortality.

Vajrasattva is the principal Vajrayana deity for the purification of moral and ethical faults. For specific defilements and sickness there is also wide range of specialized deities. Some deities are for contagious disease and others for non-contagious.

The subject of healing traditionally has two broad distinctions which overlap in many ways: [1] Purification and [2] Healing. These can further be sub-divided into the Four Activities of [1] Peaceful, [2] Increasing [3] Powerful and [4] Wrathful.

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