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Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha, is the buddha of Hinayana Buddhism. In Mahayana Buddhist literature a number of other buddhas are introduced such as Amitabha, Medicine Buddha, the Thirty-five Confession Buddhas, etc. The buddhas of Hinayana and Mahayana have one very important thing in common. The buddhas have the same general Buddha Appearance. In Vajrayana Buddhism even more buddhas are introduced but these figures are very different in form and function and are depicted as deities such as Tara, Hevajra, Guhyasamaja and others.

Buddha List:
- Shakyamuni Buddha 90507, 90508, 90509 90521
- Amitabha Buddha 90510, 90517, 90518, 90519
- Dipamkara Buddha 90511
- Medicine Buddha 90520
- Vairochana Buddha 90536, 90538, 90539 (by function these three mandalas belong in the Deity Gallery)
- Akshobhya Buddha 90534
- Ratnasambhava Buddha 90535
- Vajradhara 90528