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Subject: Tibetan Influences on Buddhism

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Subject, Topics & Types:
- Description (below)
- White Scarf (katag): Examples #9047, 9055, 9061
- Prayer Flags (versus religious banners)
- Torma Designs (versus balimta)
- Torpar
- Dance
- Music
- Hats
- Worldly Protectors
- Oracles
- Namkha (Thread Cross)
- Prayer Wheel (Kathmandu Valley)
- Applique Scroll Works
- Tulku System (hutuktu, khutuktu, Living Buddha)
- Padmasambhava Worship
- Revealed Treasure (terma)
- Dakini Script
- Mani Stones
- Monastic Shirt
- Snow Lion
- Lhatse
- Butter Sculpture (Amdo)
- Others...

- Tibetan Influence on Buddhism: Part I
- Tibetan Influence on Buddhism: Part II
- Tibetan Influence on Buddhism: Part III

Additional Abstract Subjects:
- Naga Rituals (based on the Lu Bum texts)
- 'Delog'
- Magic (based on Indigenous Beliefs)
- 'Sang' offerings (juniper smoke)
- Rhythmic Chanting (versus recitation)
- Throat Singing (Mongolia)
- Ransoming Souls
- Sky Burial
- Others...

The list above contains most subjects that appear in art that are influenced or borrowed from Tibetan or Himalayan cultures. Some of the topics are obvious while others are more nuanced or not necessarily universal. The additional subjects following the principal list are more abstract and relate to Buddhist ritual and cultural practices.

Jeff Watt 4-2021

(The images below are only a selection of examples from the links above).