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Shakyamuni Buddha: Jataka Stories (Thirty-four)

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The Thirty-four Stories:
1. A Starving Tigress, A Tale of Compassion, Selflessness, and Generosity
2. King of the Shibis, A Tale of Charity
3. A Small Portion of Gruel, A Tale of Generosity
4. The Merchant, A Tale of Diligent Resolve
5. The Invincible One, A Tale of Unwavering Virtue
6. The Rabbit, A Tale of Selfless Kindness
7. Ajastya the Ascetic, The Virtues of Asceticism and Solitude
8. The Strength of Love, A Tale of Loving Kindness
9. Vishvantara, A Tale of the Marvelous Behavior of a Bodhisattva
10. The Sacrifice, A Tale of Virtue and Generosity
11. Shakra, A Tale of Bravery
12. The Brahman, A Tale of Conscience
13. She Who Drives Men Mad, A Tale of Self-Control
14. Suparaga, Depending on the Virtuous as Friends
15. The Fish, The Rewards of Virtue
16. The Baby Quail, The Power of Honesty
17. The Jar of Liquor, The Virtuous Turning Others from Evil
18. The Wealthy Prince, The Virtue of Detachment from Worldly Concerns
19. The Lotus Roots, A Tale of Understanding
20. The Treasurer, A Tale of a Pious Man
21. The Story of Kuddhabodhi, A Tale of Subduing Anger
22. The Noble Geese, A Tale of Friendship
23. The Wise One, A Tale of Teaching
24. The Great Monkey, The Consequences of Turning Against a Friend
25. The Fabulous Sharabha Deer, Having Compassion for an Enemy
26. The Ruru Deer, A Tale of Betrayal
27. The Monkey King, A Tale of Leadership and Self Sacrifice
28. The Teacher of Restraint, A Tale of Patience
29. A Visitor from Brahma, A Tale of Celestial Guidance
30. The Elephant, A Tale of Self Sacrifice
31. Sutasoma, A Tale of Salvation
32. Prince of the Iron House, A Tale of Renunciation
33. The Buffalo, A Tale of Patience
34. The Woodpecker, Kindness without Thought of Reward

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Jataka stories in Tibetan language courtesy of the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center:
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